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Quad Core is a frantic co-op space adventure for you and up to 3 friends! Defeat spiralling inter-galactic dungeons, huge bosses and hundreds of enemies... all while tethered together.

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Quad Core began its life as our final university project back in late 2015. As we'd only made single player games before, we decided that it was about time we created a co-op game for both Mac and Windows for our project. Early on we discussed that communication is absolutely vital for a strong co-operative experience. From there we thought about "tying" the players together, so they must talk in order to move and fight efficiently.


Quad Core sports a really dynamic upgrade mechanic. ANYTHING you defeat, whether it be a standard enemy or a wall mounted flamethrower, you can use it. This means that if you want a weapon that freezes enemies, you must first defeat an enemy that can freeze you.

Ships are made up of three exchangeable components:

Body - these determine a ship's health; so the stronger the enemy, the stronger body you will get from it.

Thruster - thrusters determine the speed, turning, boost recharge rate and boost abilities. Having a good thruster can help execute essential decisions.

Weapon - the most critical part. Weapons can be anything from simple arcade triple shooters, healing lasers, defensive bubble shield projectors, poison gas emitters, homing launchers or even a spacey blunderbuss.


Expansive Space Worlds - We have five core galaxies planned to explore and conquer in the search of our missing light. Each location features a variety of different obstacles, enemies and puzzles to overcome!

Story Time - In Quad Core you have one main goal: Save our planet! In the not so distant future, the human race has evolved and now we use neon for almost everything (because night lights rule, alright!) However, on one clear night, all of our light was vacuumed into a strange space vortex. Four space knights revved up their ships and entered the vortex in an effort to return our light! Good luck pilots.

Dungeons in the Cosmos - Since a huge part of Quad Core is battling ships and upgrading your own we felt dungeons would be an awesome way for players to take a break from the main story. Each galaxy has at least one dungeon to beat! Dungeons rely heavily on tough battles and tricky puzzles with hidden loot all over.

Dude, you go healer... - As mentioned previously in Progression, players can freely exchange parts with fallen foes. Throughout the course of the game players will need to delegate roles to each other. For example, to defeat a high-damaging boss, one player may need to wield a healing weapon to finish the battle. However, these decisions are entirely down to you and your team.

Classic Boss Fights - Each galaxy will hold its own huge boss. These are the guys likely defending our stolen light so defeating them is a certainty. No two bosses are the same and it's up to the players to learn how each boss functions. Learn their weaknesses and find our light!

Exploration - Stay on track or get lost in Quad Core's beautiful universe. Each area of space you visit will have linear objectives set to complete in search for our stolen light. However, we massively encourage exploration of these huge areas. Hidden around these unseen lands could be anything from an incredibly powerful lightning gun to a dungeon you may have to revisit to defeat! Lending from RPGs in that sense, Quad Core will fill your inner explorer with joy.


Quad Core Demo (MultiOS).zip 164 MB


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Hi guys, is the project still alive? 

I would like to see this game become mouse/keyboard friendly. this seems like an awesome concept but I don't want to go out to buy a controller. OR, if you could (I doubt it) make this game Steam controller friendly. Thanks for making an awesome-looking game nonetheless!

im having trouble with the first planet, when im suposed to destroy the hive i blow it up, but it doesnt go away, even after blowing it up multiple times. what am i doing wrong?

Is this local or online multiplayer?

i love this game

Apologies, the game features no mouse/keyboard controls and only controller support. A bit foolish to not say beforehand so again apologies.

Adam, please respond. what are the controls on the demo

What are the Controls for Keyboard/Mouse

can't figure it out either